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Clinically Depressed Pug

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We focus on helping and supporting those who suffers from any mental illness, but mostly depression. We post memes, quotes, answer asks and we just try to do the best we can.
Dec 30 '12

ivegotthekittens asked:

I think it's important to note about the anti Weight Lost Surgery post that the writer did what the Leap Band surgery and not Sleeve, which is now the most recommended and most popular WLS. While her post was relevant in some aspects to this surgery as well, the physical suffering isn't as bad, and the recovery much easier, and the risk of death or complication much lower in Sleeve surgery. (continued...)

Also, when it comes to the fact surgery won’t solve the emotional eating problems, it is true. However I decided to treat the surgery is a behavioral treatment. For 6 months I couldn’t solve my emotional problem by over-eating, so I had to find other ways to do it, I had to actually face my stressers. It much easier to resolve your issue with food once you feel better about your body and don’t have the constant “justified” stress from society to change it.